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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SHAKEN, BUT, NOT FORSAKEN (one hopes and prays)....

On this ninth day of ELUL the SHOFAR will sound briefly at SHACHARITH, reminding us that ROSH HASHANNAH is only three weeks away, even as it is three weeks since my last posting to this site. This three-week posting-lag has in common that there has been virtually nothing in the news about Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, or Eldad Regev. The world races quickly towards the starting gate of ROSH HASHANNAH. Have our three soldiers been forgotten and left behind? Within the past forty-eight hours a school in SDEROT suffered a direct hit from a QASSAM rocket only two weeks before school starts. No one was hurt, fortunately, this time. In the past three weeks these QASSAM gifts from GAZA have steadily "arrived", shall we say "airway, parcel-post delivery"? This, despite IDF activities in GAZA. With each QASSAM do we think of our three missing soldiers? Are not these two matters -- our three missing soldiers, and the rockets hitting especially Sderot -- are not these two matters ONE, as are the leg and the roof/leg creating the letter BETH ??