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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This week of SELICHOT the news is all a-buzz about the daring Israeli Airforce, which bombed nuclear facilities in Syria on September 6, one week before 9/11. This was smart timing: hit the terrorists before the 9/11 anniversary date, and making clear that all versions of Islamic Terror ultimately mean the same thing to ISRAEL and to the civilized world. This is the kind of action that necessarily puts the world on alert.

The obviously justifiable action, both in terms of preventive action against SYRIA and in terms of sending a "message" to IRAN [and to KOREA, the nuclear supplier], is the kind of action that puts SYRIA in a position of needing to make some kind of face-saving response. As well, the entire MUSLIM world, SUNNI and SHIITE, can be expected to be grumbling, cursing, and planning against ISRAEL.

To those, who live in a media dreamworld, ISRAEL was on the brink of peace with the PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY. How will this excursion of the Israeli Airforce impact this dreamworld? What will CONDOLEEZA RICE be saying at the SUMMIT? To those, who pay attention to the facts on the ground, ISRAEL is always on the brink of war in every direction, outwardly and inwardly, the "canary in the coal mine" in the defensive war against Islamic Terror.

In this never ending war there are at least three Israelis still captive for more than a year: Gilad Shalit, captive and alone in GAZA; Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, captive in Lebanon. In SELICHA 81, line LAMED, the author says, "HASHEM - kidnap me from the captivity of my oppressors...." May HASHEM hear these words and save alive and bring home these three young Israeli men, speedily, soon, even in time to break the hearts of ISRAEL with tears of joy before YOM KIPPUR.