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Thursday, September 20, 2007


So finally it is public - a Minister of the Government of the State of Israel is publicly floating the idea of splitting Jerusalem, relinquishing hegemony of East Jerusalem into the hands of the Palestinian Authority. Presumably Minister Ramon is the mouthpiece of a hidden "genius", who doesn't realize, that it is only the careless harlot, who agrees to split the "baby"....

If the USA is forcing this dilemma, presuming to be Shlomo HaMelech... THEN HOW STUPID IS ISRAEL TO EVEN MOMENTARILY THINK TO AGREE TO SPLIT THE "BABY" !!!!!!!!!! If Israel agrees to split the "baby", then the Arabs take Yerusalayim either way - by insisting on having the whole, or by refusing the split and then receiving the Eir HaKadosh by their demonstration of moral superiority over Israel (their moral superiority is a fundamental belief of Islam). [Of course some of Christian theology requires that Yerushalyim be split and fall into bloody warfare at the bloody expense of the Jews in order for the Christian Messiah to come [again]....]

Or is the Israeli Government attempting to somehow be both the careless harlot and yet be Shlomo HaMelech simultaneously? By broaching the idea itself, as if Israel itself were agreeable, is Israel anticipating that the Arabs will agree to this split, proving themselves in fact to be the careless harlot? Fantastic! Then the world has two bonifide careless harlots, and control of Yerushalayim can be relinquished to the International Community to operate as an International City! Why, then the United Nations could be moved to Yerushayim! Wonderful!

As the Qassam rockets harass Sderot, as 67 Israeli recruits contemplate their injuries from Qassam's, as GILAD SHALIT and EHUD GOLDWASSER and ELDAD REGEV contemplate their own individual captive terrors -- has it even entered their thoughts that at this very moment, Israel is apparently ready and willing to give away Yerushalayim? And if their freedom would be bought by such a deal, would they say to Israel, "Give away Yerushalayim! It means nothing!" This writer doubts it....