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Monday, January 19, 2009


Today is Martin Luther King Day in the USA, as well as it is the eve of the inauguration of Barak Obama as President of the USA. On the eve of the terrible day of his assassination in 1968, Martin Luther King called out to the world, saying, "I may not get there with you; but, I have been to The Mountain Top and I have seen The Promised Land...." May we all hope and pray that President Barak Obama does not suffer the same fate of assassination that met Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, John Kennedy, and many other leaders of our nation in historic times.

Repeatedly in his life Martin Luther King spoke of equality for all people, be they "Christian, Atheist, Jewish, Muslim, or Gentile...." One expects, or at least hopes, that President Obama shares Martin Luther King's view. President Obama can take office tomorrow, knowing that the current Gaza crisis is not likely to demand his immediate or priority attention amidst the panorama of world affairs crises that he will face. President Obama will have a unique opportunity to give new ear to the Arab-Israeli Conflict, one hopes from a genuine, objective, egalitarian view.

It can be no coincidence that Israel has chosen today as the day to commence cessation of it's recent incursion into Gaza, to commence withdrawal from Gaza, and to commence it's unilateral ceasefire - unilateral in that Hamas has declared it's own unilateral one-week ceasefire "to give Israel a week to get out of Gaza". It is good politics and good timing of that politics in that the IDF has devastated Hamas and has set their terror clock back at least a year or two, if not more. Israel has defended itself and Sderot in particular. The suffering in Sderot has no longer been in vain.

It is now up to the Palestinian Arabs to again decide their future: Hamas and Hamas ideology, or an alternative of Palestinian Arabs accepting of Israel's right to a peaceful coexistence?

Where one would hope that the United Nations would keep a neutral stance, reality shows the same face of the UN on the ground that it shows in the General Assembly and to a large degree as well in the Security Council: an anti-Israel bias that is pervasive, obvious, unhidden, public, and disgusting to anyone with conscience, clarity of mind, and knowledge of history.

The likes of Christopher Gunness -- by no means restricted to Christopher Gunness -- waste no time, neither from the commencement of Israel's defensive incursion till now, and no doubt as well in the days ahead, to accuse Israel of having committed war crimes. This is a profound UN failure on two counts. Firstly, the UN and it's representatives and agents on the ground in Gaza ought not to be choosing sides or acting as an outlet of propaganda and demagoguery for terrorist groups such as Hamas. Secondly, even in appropriate venues, to assign language such as "war crimes" to the actions of the Israeli army is incendiary and biased and reflects no conscience in choice of language.

There is a difference between "collateral damage" and "war crimes". Although, for those living in a fantasy world in which they presume to speak for the "underdog" (e.g. in their view, Hamas is the underdog) there is no difference between war crimes and collateral damage, and the latter in their view is merely a euphemism for the former.

These types will never see suicide/homicide bombings, the imprisonment of Gilad Shalit, nor the incessant rocket terror of Sderot as the War Crimes that they are; like a mule wearing blinders, they will see narrowly, viewing such violence as the righteous outrage of "revolutionary" groups such as Hamas.

They make no distinction at all between the willful intent of Hamas to murder Israelis and to annihilate the State of Israel versus the inevitable accidental death of Gazan civilians, where the combat circumstance is such that Israel's tormentors mix in among the civililian crowds and use hospitals, mosques, schools, and homes as military bases and as arms storage and arms deployment depots. Nor does it seem to bother these self-proclaimed persons of worldwide conscience that where Israel clearly distinguishes between military and civilian targets, Hamas defines all Israelis, be they old man, woman, or child, as a combatant.

Where Israel shows grief at the suffering of it's enemy, which it defines as a human enemy, Hamas rejoices in the suffering of Israelis, whom it refers to in it's political and religious liturgy as monkeys, pigs, and dogs, seeing no common humanity with Israelis, and defining as well an ethos of cruelty to animals (Why isn't PETA crying out in defense of Israel? Oh, right, PETA is too busy expressing it's "humanistic" bigotry against Jews by decrying painless Kosher animal slaughter for food).

Hamas does not acknowledge Israel's existential right nor Jewish identity in the family of humanity. By Hamas definition, all of it's combatants are civilians; by Hamas definition, all of Israel's civilians are combatants. As the world looks on at the rubble of architecture that Israel has just destroyed in Gaza -- destruction made necessary by Hamas's misuse of civilian property for military purpose -- it is not trivial that the world understand that the hospitals, school, homes and mosques that the world funded for civilian use and humanitarian purpose was co-opted by Hamas' insane and Hitleresque agenda.

Neither is it trivial to associate the actions and ideology of Hamas with Hitlerism, so let's take a look....

World War One was not the Holocaust. Nor was World War Two the Holocaust. The Holocaust was one huge and indistinguishable aspect of WW2. WW1 and WW2 involved many of the same nations in world war, especially in Europe and Africa and the MIddle East. Yet with respect to all the horrors similar to both of those wars, the Holocaust is singled out as historically unique and historically unrivaled. Why? Tens of millions of people died horribly on a scale unrivaled in world history in both events. Why are they not also Holocausts?

The answer is that an Holocaust is defined by more than just the propagandistic demagoguery of war in which enemies are demonized and dehumanized in cartoons and in rhetoric. An Holocaust is defined by the systematic and concerted efforts of public education, national law, and boots on the ground to define a specific sub-group of humanity, be it on the basis of race, religion, or creed, to in fact not be human, to be non-redeemable as human, to be endemically evil, and to necessarily require extermination from all existence. This was the distinguishing aspect of Hitler's Third Reich, and it is the distinguishing aspect of groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah. It is not accidental that during WW2 they were allies with Hitler (the predecessors of these groups existed then, most notably the Grand Mufti Amin Al-Husseini of Jerusalem). To see a photographic history of this relationship, see website WWW.TELLTHECHILDRENTHETRUTH.COM.

For current proof of Hitler's Legacy in the Muslim World, just look at the current reality in Muslim nations: (1) with few exceptions there are no Jews, as a million or more Jewish residents of Muslim countries were murdered, raped, robbed, and exiled contemporary to WW2, (2) in Gaza today, where Israel made a gift of Gaza to the Palestinian Arabs, there is neither Jewish Life nor sign of previous Jewish existence, as even functioning farms, greenhouses, industry, and empty Synagogues were annihilated by such as Hamas; the only sign of Jewish Life in Gaza today is the current departure of Israeli Defense Forces, they having just dismantled and stunned Hamas' capability to wage war on Israel; (3) there are more than twenty Muslim nations today that continue to refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist and in fact they are still in a 'de juree' state of war with Israel, (4) in many of these nations Christians and other minority religious groups such as Buddhist or Bahai or Druse are persecuted relentlessly. It is not at all inappropriate to suggest that The Holocaust in fact did not end with the official end of WW2, but, that it continues on today throughout the world, and the primary perpetrator of Holocaust is the world of Islam.

Israel has committed neither war crimes nor holocaust in Gaza. The UN ought to sanction these glib UN agents and representatives, who do suggest that Israel has committed war crimes. Given the level of embedding of UN agents and representatives in Gaza, these agents and representatives ought to be sanctioned as well for the many years they have provided safe cover to terrorist operatives in facilities constructed by both the UN and by other world NGO's for the provision of humanitarian relief to Gaza. Or does the UN officially or even unofficially have the same policy as Hamas -- that all Hamas persons and activities are civilian in nature, even if they are involve illegal engagement in the smuggling and storing of weapons, and in the commission of terror, murder, and destruction.

The incessant missile attacks on Sderot, the kidnapping and captivity of Gilad Shalit, the constant threat of suicide/homicide bombings, and the never-recanted Hamas policy calling for the annihilation of Israel, of Jews, of Christians, and of all non-Muslims they call Pigs, Dogs, and Monkeys -- if this is not behavior characteristic of Holocaust, then what is???

One need look no further than Hamas to find real origin of War Crimes. Yet, it is necessary to look further to Hezbollah, to Syria, to Iran, to Russia, and to China to see the most prominent superstructure of War Crimes and Holocaust today. One must not rule out the twenty-some Arab nations, who have yet to officially cease their state of war with Israel and to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. And Holocaust does not end their. Look to Sudan and the Janjaweed, engaged in Holocaust against the Muslims of Darfur, who are Negro and who therefore are "not Muslim enough", and against the Christians in the south, who are not Muslims....

Let us hope that on this eve of a new Presidential era in the USA, that no assassination plunge this USA into civil war, that the ceasefire in Gaza will grow like a beautiful flower, and that Hamas will free Gilad Shalit and signal that hope and peace may be realized. Amen.

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