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Monday, January 12, 2009


Israel is long overdue to remind the world [via TV and Internet video media and in graphic verbal description in all media] in graphic terms about The Holocaust.

This means that, gruesome as it may be, the way to facilitating comprehension of The Holocaust must be lit [figuratively speaking] by the dim light of candles made from the tallow of murdered Jews and by the brighter electric lamplight diffused by the fine lampshades made of the stretched belly skin of pregnant Jewish women - pregnant by rape of Nazi soldiers and officials, murdered by having their legs and hips tied together as they went into labor.

This means that every Nazi horror must be addressed, be it the use of Jews as subjects of "science" experiments, be it by the mass murder and burial of Jews by machine guns and rifles or by poison gas and cremation, etc. It must be made clear that none of these practices characterize Israel's counter-terrorism in Gaza, nor any other Israeli actions.

That the Israel counter-terrorism cannot be accomplished free of undesired collateral death and destruction does not make the Israeli counter-terrorism a holocaust. Is it a massacre? Perhaps. Is there the appearance of one-sidedness or even disproportionate force by Israel? Perhaps -- just as for the past decade there has been disproportionate rocketing and suicide bombings of Israel by Arab terrorists.

Israel must press home it's point, verbally as well as militarily. Contrary to what one hears from the media barrage of conciliators, military action can indeed solve some problems. Israel should use military force to a necessary and sufficient degree to bring the entire world of Islam to recognize Israel's right to exist. That world has already had sixty years of Arab initiated warfare against Israel and thirty years of peace talks in which to give credence to Arab calls for peace. Existential acknowledgment of Israel ought not be contingent on final status negotiations -- quite the opposite. And if it requires Israel to wage war, so be it. Israeli concessions have brought neither peace not acknowledgment. Israeli concessions have brought massacres to Jews and to Arabs and a virtual reality constructed of propaganda and Jew hatred in which Israel is regarded as perpetrating an holocaust on Palestinian Arabs.

Hamas must be made fully accountable on the ground and the remainder of the world must be made accountable in cyberspace.