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Sunday, June 7, 2009


It is no longer possible to anticipate positive Presidential foreign policy towards Israel and Middle East -- nor towards the world at large -- from our newly sitting President. This President has squandered the opportunity afforded by his name and privilege and driven a huge wedge between America and Israel, while kowtowing to Muslim propaganda equating the suffering of Arab Palestinians to the suffering of Holocaust Jews. And his timing for doing this is extraordinary in it's contempt for Israel and for Jewry. Less than a week after Shavuos (the "book-end" holiday to Passover), when Israel celebrates the Feast of First Fruits and the ancient historical issuance by The Almighty of the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai -- and, incidentally, the day preceding Israel's famous contemporary pre-emptive start to the Six Day War -- Barak Hussein Obama spoke of "Palestine" -- a new state of "Christian Palestinians and Muslim Palestinians" -- as an existing entity, and pressed Israel to cease all settlement activity in "Palestine". President Sarkozy of France wasted no time in chiming in his support for Obama's call for Israel to cease settling in "Palestine". True, this has been the undesirable direction of American Policy, strengthened by former President Bush in his call for a two-state solution. Yet, each time one hears strong policy statements that would deny Jews the right to settle in their historical homeland, it is more salt poured and rubbed into the ancient wound.

When will the world open it's eyes and see that there is no equivalence of any kind between the circumstances of the Christian and Muslim Arabs in Israel (Palestine) and in the world versus the circumstances of Jews in the world?

Can anyone name one Muslim nation in which there are surviving Jews living in safety and security and equal status before the law?

Can anyone name one Muslim nation that did not rape, rob, murder, and exile it's Jews in the mid-20th Century?

Can anyone deny that before and during World War Two the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem publicly allied himself with the Nazis, dined with and was guest to Adolph Hitler, was armed and fueled by the Nazis and Nazi sympathizers, and excoriated the Arab Palestinian population to hatred of and violence against the Jews of Palestine, some of whom were refugees from Hitler's Europe?

None of this, nor American attitude, informed President Obama in his speeches in Saudi Arabia and Cairo. Did he look out eyeball-to-eyeball into the audiences and say to them directly, "On September 11 of 2001 ninteen of your citizens murderously hijacked American commercial jets and flew them into the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, annihilating them both, and into the Pentagon; three-thousand souls of all races, creeds, nationalities, and religions were lost that day in this act of war against the USA; and the world was plunged into an economic recession it still feels today. Are you in Saudi Arabia and Egypt doing enough to fight for freedom? Or is this Terrorism the face of Islam, which you desire to project into the world?" Instead of using his Muslim name to reach out and educate and motivate the Muslim audience in the fight for democracy and freedom, he used his Muslim name to reach out and placate that audience. And his visit to Buchenwald afterwards can only be said to have made a mockery of his grandfather's witness to the Holocaust.

A similar wedge into weakening America is his call to close Guantanamo's detention center, which together with his overtures to Castro, can only be seen as precursors to total closure of the American Guantanamo Naval Base. This would be consistent with the retreat from Latin America that commenced with Jimmy Carter's presidency and was completed during the Clinton Administration with the handing over the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal, which America originally built after French failure, is now operated by the Chinese (kinda sounds vaguely similar to Viet Nam, doesn't it?). It is true that Venezuela began nationalizing it's oil industry during the Nixon Administration, which Administration was wrought with scandals and burdened with the Viet Nam War and covert activities throughout Central and South America; it is in our time now, contemporary to the Hugo Chavez leadership in Venezuela, that we see supersonic Russian bombers and fighters based in Venezuela, and joint military operations of the Russian and Venezuelan navies in the Carribean.

This so-called "New Beginning" of American-Muslim relations harkens a reactionary future, as it is based on taking anti-Israel propaganda and incorporating it into American Policy, dividing Israel from America. And it is a wedge in tandem to the Carribean wedge, that would further shrink America's ability to defend and project American values and power. The apparent goal is an attempt to befriend everybody and to fund American corporate and domestic needs at the expense of the American military. One might label the Obama Foreign Policy as the "Ostrich Strategy of Foreign Relations".

One must wonder how the various political blocks in Sudan view the Obama Presidency at this moment. There is no nation that Obama has more in common with than Sudan. Sudan is a nation ruled by Arab Muslims, which for decades has alternately been engaged in de-facto or de-juree warfare with it's southern Christian population, and which is famous now in the 21st Century as well for it's rape, murder, and persecution of the Negro Muslims of Darfur. From Khartoum's point of view (Khartoum beint the capital of Sudan), the southern Arabs are Christian or Black and therefore neither Muslim nor Arab enough, and the Darfurians may be Muslims, but, they are Black and not Arab enough. Obama is born of a White, American mother and a Muslim, African father; as an adult, Obama proclaims himself to be a Christian. It is curious that President Obama's first priorities, instead of vigorously demanding a speedy and forceful resolution of the horrors in Darfur and throughout Sudan, is instead destroying what little civility remains between American/Israeli relations, while simultaneously reaching out to weaken America in the Carribean.

A word about the alleged "horrors" at the GITMO detention center (by analogy):

Once there was a man, who was married to the most beautiful woman in the world. This woman had a facial birthmark, however, which existence over time began to command more and more of his attention to the point that he could no longer tolerate this "blemish" to the perfection of his beautiful wife. He went from surgeon to surgeon, who advised him that they would not perform the surgery to remove the birthmark, as to do so would likely cause the death of his wife. Finally, he came across an unscrupulous surgeon, who told the man what he wanted to hear. Hence came the surgery on his wife, who of course died as a result thereof.

Just as this man became obsessed with the birthmark on his wife, we and the world have become obsessed with inflated tales of wrongdoing at the Guantanamo detention center, and, to save the "face" of America, may close it down without appreciating the cost.

Has the world shown similar obsession to see towards the release of Gilad Shalit from his imprisonment by Hamas in Gaza? Whatever alleged tortures may have occurred in GITMO to the Al-Quaeda terrorists incarcerated there, those "tortures" will never compare to what has been done to Gilad Shalit, may he somehow miraculously be yet alive and in good health, and may he be released whole to return home to his family, as if this was the One Commandment given with the strength of Ten this Shavuos, "Thou Shalt Not Covet...."