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Saturday, March 19, 2011



... but, the many should consider that the Arabs are human beings, stereotyped in the West as "towel heads", "camel jockeys", and even more vulgar terms of reference; and this type of attitude towards Arabia serves to foment violence and hatred amongst the Arabs, playing into the hands of the worst elements in Arab society. It is one thing to be intensely critical and quite another to be arrogant, derisive, and disparaging. At bottom humanity can do well to take a step back from the "earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear meltdowns" (if I may make a metaphor based on the horrible triple catastrophe current in Japan) of decades of violence, propaganda, posturing, etc. and reconsider the realities.

There have been times in history that Jews have thrived in Muslim realms. This has not been true in recent history. Yet, recent history need not be the only barometer nor predictor of Jewish-Arab relations. As Arabs in Judea-Samaria and Gaza protest and call for unity between Hamas and Fatah in order to fight Israel -- a microcosm perhaps at the heart of much of the protests current throughout the Arab world -- it should be kept in mind that the Arabs and all Muslims need to be reminded of their own best teachings about the Peoples of the Book (Jews and Christians) and the Muslim obligation to be protective.

While it is true that in classic form this has meant second class status and special taxes for Jews and Christians, and that in history this obligation has been practiced both benignly and malevolently, it should be possible in todays world for an application of this practice to be developed by Muslims such that overt subjugation and denial of equality may be set aside. Even the ceding of land to enable Israel to live in peace inclusive of Judea-Samaria ought to be practicable and desirable -- as long as it is granted that this be done at the pleasure and free will of Arabia. Such generosity would necessarily include the paid resettlement and future security of up to two-thirds of the Muslim population currently under Israeli jurisdiction, as for reasons of language, culture, economics, and the upheaval of relocation, it would yet be preferable to this population to live under Arab jurisdiction, and may well be acceptable, if again such generous surrender of claim in Israel were voluntary in the name of Peace.