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Sunday, October 9, 2011



Economic inequality is stirringly real, though the extreme answers, tactics, and arguments from right and left leave much to be desired. There is much media hype, that the "Arab Spring" has found it's way to America's shores. Yet, it is true that the same generational influences are real in both places. Little of this self-absorption is based in real compassion for anything beyond selfish pain in private little goldfish bowls of self-centered life. Be this as it may, this too is a part of the developmental life of a volatile young generation in volatile times, and may not be ignored, and must be addressed warmly, wisely, and with more than whisperings of wishful thinking.

What is now a warning may grow far uglier and may manifest in violence between forces only too hungry to mix it up with each other in the ugliest of ways, which may tear our beloved USA apart, much as so many Arab nations are presently torn apart. No euphemisms, such as "spring", "flowers", etc. may truly substitute for the realities on the ground in so many nations.

Gaddafi's civilian supporters now face the same risks of revenge and annihilation that threatened Libya's upstart revolution only a few months ago. Yemen and Syria are being ripped apart. Egypt is in one moment promising to reform to allow greater democracy and to maintain peace with Israel; yet, persecutions of Egyptian Christians increase daily, the Israeli Embassy has been sacked, legal aid worker Ilan Grapel (an American-Israeli working in Egypt) has been accused of spying for Israel and has been jailed in Egypt; and we still hear nothing from Gilad Shalit: is he imprisoned in Gaza, in Egypt, in Iran???

In the US Vice-president Biden has spoken harsh, cruel, damning words with respect to Jonathan Pollard -- he does this during the Yomim Norayim! Biden must think he is G-d! May HaShem perceive the Chutzpah of this lump of flesh named Biden, damn up his mouth, and humble him! May HaShem do these things, unless by some miracle, He somehow inspires Biden to compassion!

The United Nations now considers the Petition of the PAL, should a "State of Palestine" be recognized by the world. Does the world need any additional Arab Terrorist States? No!!!!

Today we commence to build Sukkahs in which to dwell in exposure and yet to celebrate beneath the unpredictable heavens, having witnessed that HaShem has written and sealed The Book Of Life for the New Year 5772. We have tasted apples and honey on Rosh HaShannah, then fasted on Yom Kippur. What will be will unravel before our eyes, each moment full of promise, and no moment available to us as foreknowledge, as only HaShem knows, what we must discover.

Today is 11 TISHREI 5772 and it is Day 1930 in the Solitary Captivity of Gilad Shalit! May he be immediately granted freedom to dwell in the Sukkah of his mother and his father and in the ominpresence of the Ushpizin!

Lamah, Lamah Mah, Nikrah Moriah! Al Shem HaMor HaTov, Al Shem HaMor HaTov, Sheh Yeshno Sham!