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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Last week Israel's high court ordered the military to move a one-mile section of the SECURITY FENCE, which separates and protects Israeli settlements from the Arab village (and surrounding land) of BIL'IN. As an American, raised in a governmental culture premised on a separation of powers into three governmental branches - executive, legislative, and judicial - it is difficult to stomach that the Israeli military will respect and accomodate this ruling. Just as in America it is repugnant, when Congress presumes to legislate strategy and tactics to the military; so it ought to be repugnant in Israel, when a court gives a ruling that usurps strategy and tactics from the military. On what basis does the Israeli high court presume to know more about realizing Israeli security requirements than the military? The time for the luxury of a civilian ruling, about the SECURITY FENCE in terms of the rights of Israel's enemies, should be after the achievement of the cessation of terror against Israel, not before. The Israeli military is insane to accomodate such a self-destructive ruling! The people of Israel should find a way to overturn or stay or otherwise mitigate this destructive court ruling!

Will subverting the IDF (Israel Defense Force) by such a court ruling hasten the day that fewer terrorist actions will occur against Israel? Will subverting the IDF by such a court ruling bring home Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, and Eldad Regev even one day sooner? Will subverting the IDF by such a court ruling end the Qassam rocket attacks against SDEROT? Will subverting the IDF by such a ruling inspire HAMAS, FATAH, and HEZBOLLAH to make peace with Israel? Will subverting the IDF by such a ruling inspire IRAN, SYRIA, and LEBANON to make peace with Israel?