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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Tonight begins the first night of SUKKOTH. Our eight Israeli MIA's are neither at home, nor making kiddush in a SUKKA. Such respect and courtesy will not come from their captors. Here in the USA, America has been treated to the visit of IRAN's Ahmadinijad. According to Ahmadinijad all the problems in the MIDDLE EAST including America's warring are caused by the influence of "The Zionist Entity" and the "American Jewish Zionist Lobby". This would be funny, if it weren't so serious. The PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION is the most popular book in the Muslim world (next to it's predecessor, the KORAN, of course). Jimmy Carter's version of the Protocols (his recent PALESTINE: PEACE, NOT APARTHEID) puts him square in the company of Ahmadinijad. Being a peanut farmer, perhaps Mr. Carter will consider manufacturing his own brand name peanut butter, naming it "AHMADINIJAD - The Peanut Butter of Jihadi's Everywhere, Even on the Sunni Side of the Street", and featuring a photo of Ahmajinidad embracing Hezbollah's NASRALLAH and Hamas's HANIYEH in a Three Stooges theme of some sort, tinkering with a nuclear warhead, perhaps. It would all be so funny, if it weren't so serious....