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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


In these past three weeks GILAD SHALIT'S name has been tossed about like a cheap chip on a poker table. SDEROT and other Israeli sites in the NEGEV have been hit repeatedly by Qassam rockets. Egyptian soldiers have aided and abetted terrorists, who have tunelled into Egypt in order to obtain weapons and to smuggle terrorists. Egypt has opened it's border willy-nilly to allow thousands of HAJ pilgrims (and not a few terrorists) into Egypt on their way to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Tsipi Livni makes excuses at every opportunity for Israel's enemies, even stating that real time events such as the daily bombing, smuggling, captivities, hate propaganda, etc. should be disregarded and should be not be permitted to interfere with "peace talks". Presumably there should be no discussion of the ANNAPOLIS AGENDA until some rubber-stamp ratification time, at which time Israel would give away East Jerusalem, Golan, and Samaria-Judea.

All the while the more "peace" Israel makes, the more military necessity drives the reality on the ground. Even the air is related to the ground, if one considers that the September Israeli air raid into eastern Syria took out a facility [probably nuclear] that was located on the ground and not yet in the air. So the Syrian border is HOT, the Lebanese border remains HOT, and the GAZA border is a HEATED incessant "low-grade war" between Israel and the various terror groups operating in GAZA, including HAMAS and FATAH. The biggest money going into Israel now is less about investment in the future and more about imminent war.

Poverty and all the ills that come along with poverty are on the increase and have been for decades. National unity is on such a decline that civil war in Israel is not unthinkable. Certainly national pride has taken a tumble, as has Israeli esteem in the world. Israel should have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council; instead it is the only nation in the UN forbidden to serve on the UNSC, even while Israel's enemies rotate in and out of the UNSC. Israel should have permanent borders, which it should determine unilaterally on the basis of JUSTICE (and this means justice to the treatment of Jews for three thousand years, not the perversion of justice given to us by popular world opinion, which is largely based on ignorance, propaganda, and the romantic revolutionary fad of the moment). Israel should even consider retaking borders it has given away in the expectation of peace, having received only war and terror.

Israel must remind the world that Israel itself in our time is a nation of refugees - Jewish refugees from all over the world - and that today's so-called "Palestinian" people are not innocent in the history of the suffering of Jewish refugees. Until recently the term "Palestinian" referred as equally to Jews as to Arabs and others living in the land labelled "Palestine" by the historical Roman Empire.

Israel continues to be pushed into the Mediterranean; yet, the majority of Israeli''s today seem not to perceive this. In the media Israel has already been truncated back to 1947 borders; Israeli politics itself strokes this process! It is a process that commenced in the 1970's, when Israeli politics gave political credence and life to ideas such as a JUDENFREI state of enemy Arabs to be called "Palestine". This idea gained real flesh in 2005, when Israel abandoned GAZA. Jews can justify bigotry against Jews, even to the point of expelling Jews from their own historical land, land won once again after thousands of years of exile; yet, Jews will not expel the FIFTH COLUMN within the State of Israel that enjoys Israeli citizenship, but, which celebrates AL NAQBA ("The Catastrophe" of the creation of the State of Israel).

Israel may once have thought that, having made "peace" with Egypt and Jordan, PEACE with the remaining world of Islam would come easily by conceding to a "Palestinian" state, even a state run by such as Yasser Arafat. Israel still thinks even now that such a "peace" is so obvious that even the sworn enemies of Israel must see it too and must share the same vision with Israel, even against the tenets of the Muslim Faith! Israel, wake up! You are not at war with just a handful of Arafats; you are at war with all Islam! Islam recognizes no Israel and no Israeli border! Israel does not exist on the Islamic map of the world! It is an illusion to think the problem can be localized and dealth with locally by creating another Islamic state that will hate Israel! Enough! Enough! Enough!