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Thursday, July 24, 2008


In Deutschland today Barrak Obama made a platitudinous speech drawing on the respective liturgies of Martin Luther King and Ronald Wilson Reagan, melding idealistic aspects of King's famous "I have a dream..." speech with Reagan's "Tear down these walls..." speech. Even as a metaphor, Obama's words about "tearing down of walls between peoples", including for example between Muslims and Jews, sent forboding chills up and down my spine, as I immediately thought of Barak Hussein Obama, sitting in the White House, pressuring Israel to tear down Israel's Security Fence, ushering in a new era of terror to the Holy Land.

Obama's speech-making in Europe ensues his week in Israel, where he visited with Israeli leaders and with Arab leaders, where he visited the Western Wall and Yad Vashem and Gaza, and where he of course did some speech-making. [If Obama visited in the Dome of the Rock, the press did not broadcast it loudly or ubiquitously.]

As Obama drew into his own speech-making from such illustrious sources as Reagen and King, we must ask two questions: 'Would either Ronald Reagan or Martin Luther King call for Israel to tear down the Security Fence? Would either Ronald Reagan or Martin Luther King analogize Israel's Security Fence to East Germany's Berlin Wall [even by inference]?'

Both Ronald Reagan and Martin Luther King would roll over in their respective graves, should anyone presume that they would answer those two questions in the affirmative!

Martin Luther King vociferously declared that those claiming to be anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, yet not anti-Jewish were in fact blatantly anti-Israel, anti-Israeli, and anti-Jewish. Reverend King would not have failed to distinguish between Israel's Security Fence, which was successfully built to dramatically decrease acts of terror against Israelis by Arabs, and the Berlin Wall, which was built by the Soviets with the intent to isolate and ghettoize West Berlin into submission, surrender, and incorporation into Soviet occupied East Germany (West Berlin was under Allied aegis after WW2). The famous Berlin Airlift maintained the freedom of West Berlin.

Ronald Reagan, too, would have understood that there was no similarity between Israel's Security Fence and the Berlin Wall. During the 'middle game' of the Cold War, an earlier American President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, spoke famously in Germany, saying, "Ich bin ein Berliner!" ("I am a Berlin resident!"); years later President Reagan was able to challenge the Soviet leadership into the 'end game' of the Cold War, saying at his most famous speech in West Germany, "Mr. Gorbachev! Tear down that Wall!"

President Reagan's leadership led to the demise of the Soviet Union and to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. The tearing down of the Berlin Wall harbingered Germany's reunification and symbolized the demise of the Soviet Empire. Tearing down Israel's Security Fence would not reunite a divided nation; but,it would dramatically facilitate a resurgence of violence against Israelis by Arabs from the geographical territories of Judea and Samaria.

There is no analogy between the Berlin Wall and Israel's Security Fence. But, in the context of Obama's visits to Israel and Gaza and then on to speech-making in Europe, one has to wonder, if Obama does not in fact falsely analogize Israel's Security Fence to the Berlin Wall. Setting aside the Obama glibness and his tendency to build up his own image by quoting truly great men [a form of 'name dropping' by which to gain favor by association with great men], the World must ask Obama, whether or not he is calling for the destruction of Israel's Security Fence. Unlike John McCain, who does not speak enigmatically and who speaks clearly and simply, Barrak Obama is given to puffery, ambiguity, and floweriness of speech; he does not like to be pinned down to specific views, to definite statements, to policy committments.

Yet, Obama is not without a record.... just go to "Google" and search "Obama, Israel Security Fence"; this one issue leads to many issues. As President, Barrak Hussein Obama is likely to be glibly dangerous to Israel, to Arabia, to Persia, to the USA, and to the World.

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