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Monday, July 14, 2008


As the "Three Weeks" commence upon Israel this coming Motzeh Shabbath, what can be said of the imminent prisoner exchanges with Hezbollah and Lebanon? That the hearts of Israel will be broken with tears of "closure", as the bones of soldiers are laid to rest in the Israeli homeland? And three weeks later will there be the rending of garments in joy, Gilad Shallit having been returned whole, healthy, and safely to his family, his home, and his country (even by Hamas)? Shall there be comfort in Menachem Av such that in Elul there will be reconciliations leading to Shalom v'Ahavas within Israel? Will there be a true peace between Israel and it's enemies? Or will these coming Three Weeks be laced with incomprehensible, evil, deadly "surprises"? Will the World press Israel into the "peace" of humiliation, territorial surrender, and even more advanced corruptions? When Israel blows the Shofar on Rosh HaShannah, what will The Holy One, Blessed Be HE, Write at the "Head of the Year"? Whom will HE inscribe in HIS Book of LIfe? How will HE Seal HIS Book on Yom Kippur?