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Thursday, September 11, 2008


If one day may represent an entire year, then this year would be the year of BRIS MILAH, since those two passenger jets slammed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, since one passenger jet slammed into the Pentagon, and since one passenger jet was gallantly brought down self-sacrificially by it's passengers into a field in Pennsylvania and thus not into the White House.

It is fair to ask, what then shall be, in this coming New Year, the year analagous to a BRIS MILAH. It is also fair to ask, what has been the "SHABBATH" of this seventh year leading into the BRIS MILAH year.

Speaking first of this concluding SHABBATH year, we can say that we have seen a relative decrease in terrorist violence worldwide, we have seen tentative success in Iraq, we have seen changes of leadership in Britain and in Pakistan, we have seen gas prices come down significantly, and we have seen somewhat of a political awakening at a time of great corruption, apathy and despair. But, is there enough of an awakening?

What now in the coming BRIS MILAH year? Will the West retreat into semi-isolationism or will it expand in order to preserve democratic gains in places like Iraq, Georgia, and the Ukraine? Will the West protect Georgia from Russia? Will the West tolerate top of the line Russian TU-160 Strategic Bombers in Venezuela and joint Russia-Venezuela naval maneuvers in the Caribbean? (If you do not appreciate the military implications of the Russian Navy and Air Force operating in the Caribbean, just take a look at a good map ( and remember as well that the Panama Canal is operated by Communist China, courtesy of former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and the Democratic Congress.

Will GILAD SHALIT be free before ROSH HASHANNAH or will he remain a prisoner of the Arabs? Will Israel have a new government that is no longer corrupt nor a patsy for Russia and the UN? Will Israel have a government that is capable of saying to Arabia and to the World, "Enough is enough! We give, and we give, and we give, and we give.... It is time for Israel to receive some of the blessings of real peace and to annex the ancient Israeli land we have won in defensive warfare at great cost in blood and with many other forms of sacrifice!" Will the Iran nuclear threat be passified? Will Iraq continue to remake itself into a functioning democracy or will Iraq disintegrate? Will the USA and CANADA and MEXICO form an alliance that will make the MONROE DOCTRINE a proud doctrine once again?