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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


America has selected a President to succeed President Bush. It is Barak Hussein Obama. May HaKadosh BaruchHu have mercy on our President Elect and enlighten his eyes to be the great leader that this country America and that this World needs at this time in the history of The Lord's Creation.

As readers of this Blog will note, Barak Hussein Obama has never been the first choice of this Blogger for the Presidency. Nevertheless, reality is reality, America has chosen it's President Elect, and America may have made the best possible choice. Only the Lord Above truly knows. President Elect Obama surely has many excellent qualities, and one can only hope that he is true to his own words, namely, that he will listen to everyone and be President for everyone.

The orientation of the Obama Presidency that can initially be anticipated is clear: in order to provide for infrastructure repair, jobs, healthcare reform, education reform, and reforms in the justice system, President Obama will retreat from the World and thus weaken and unravel American influence in the World. Russia, China, North Korea, Persia, Arabia, Venezuela all will grow stronger. The United Nations will be looked up to and funded to play a larger role in international "justice" and "enforcement".

That 90% or more of the Black American vote went to Obama speaks cynically to the racism that is behind his election, and not his policies, of which most of that constituency are totally ignorant. Not that Blacks in themselves have the numbers to independently elect a President. A minority of whites and then Americans of other ethnic backgrounds such as Hispanic or Latino or Asian, etc. also supported the non-white candidate. And of the whites -- mostly "liberals" -- their vote, too, has a much larger racial element to it than they would care to admit, as they go out of their way to prove that they are not racist.

To his credit Barak Hussein Obama has characterized his own family experience of racism within his family as one of feeling racism from both white family members and non-white family members, neither side of which he could or would divorce from himself. This appears to be true also with respect to his religious outlook, formed by Islamic father and stepfather and then his Christian grandparents from age ten onward. There is a realism about racial identity that he shares with much of America that does have the potential to look towards transcendence rather than the barricades.

The greatest question is the question that only the actual occupancy of the Office of the Presidency can answer: Once the portfolios of world reality, as seen by the White House, are revealed to the new eyes of the new President, what will the new President see and do? What new knowledge will bring the new President to change what appear to be solid promises about policies and expenditures? What reforms can be made and afforded and in what priority? What effect will promises to financial supporters have on the President in terms of "beholden to this one" and "beholden to that one"? What effect will Democratic Party pressures have on the will of the new Democratic President to exercise his office fairly and objectively?

This Blog will do what it can to encourage President Elect Barak Hussein Obama to strengthen America in the World, to strengthen America at home, and to strengthen Israel at this most critical time in the history of the modern State of Israel.

May President Barak Hussein Obama send a strong message to the World on the first day of his Presidency by calling for the immediate, safe, and unconditional release of Gilad Shalit.

May President Barak Hussein Obama send a strong message to the World by strengthening First and Second Ammendment Rights in the USA [and throughout the world], so that all persons may speak freely and defend their homes and families.