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Thursday, March 18, 2010



It is an interesting conundrum at the core of the creation of the United Nations, that the United Nations is body for the meeting of all member nations, and that despite the democratic appearance of the United Nations, not all member nations are required to be nor assumed to be democratic nations. Hence many nations are members of the UN, and yet are not democracies or are democracies in name only. Hence there are nations, such as Russia and China and Iran and Syria, which are UN members and which are not democracies or are democracies in name only.

It is well known that in recent years the UN has become increasingly anti-West as a body and in it's body of decision making.

It is well known that for many decades the UN has been decidedly biased against Israel, passing resolution after resolution without fairness or factual basis against the State of Israel.

It is not so well known, that as a matter of UN Law, Israel is prohibited to serve on the UN Security Council, even as it's enemy nations (e.g. Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudia Arabia, Libya, Sudan, etc.) may and do serve on the UN Security Council. Imagine! These nations, famous for human rights abuses, serve on the UN Security Council! Oy, Vey!

When Jerusalem was under Arab hegemony, Jews were denied the right to pray at the Western Wall [commonly called the "Wailing Wall"]. This was also true and remains true, even within Israeli controlled borders, where in Arab "territories" of Israel, the State of Israel bows to local control, even when that means that Jews may not visit Holy Sites. Most famous of these are such places as the Machpellah Cave [Tomb of the Patriarchs] in Hebron, and Joseph's Tomb and Jacob's Well, both adjacent to each other on the outskirts of Nablus. Joseph's Tomb was desecrated by Arab Terrorists during the 2003 Intifada. Jews attempting to visit the Machpellah Cave are always at risk of stoning or riot or worse, and are prohibited from the Machpellah Cave most of the year. The Machpellah Cave is under the administration of the Waqf, which is the Arab religious authority, the same authority that oversees the famous Dome of the Rock Mosque. [The present Israeli Government recently announced that it intends to include the Machpellah Cave and Rachel's Tomb in a national heritage sites protection and rehabilitation plan.]

Under Israeli rule religious freedom is held as a sacred right for all including the Muslims as well as Christians, Bahai, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. This respect is taken to the incomprehensible conclusion that excludes the Waqf from showing all but the most minimal level of respect for Jewish worship at Jewish Holy Sites under Waqf hegemony. At this very moment the Waqf is well under way in it's excavations and construction of an huge Mosque directly below the present Al-Aqsa [Dome of the Rock] Mosque! This has been going on for years with the willing participation of the previous conciliatory Israeli Government, despite the rampant destruction of Israeli archaeological history resulting from the digging out of the rock.

There is a double standard in the world, that somehow it is okay for Arabs to disrespect the inherent religious right of any human being to worship as they choose, and that other religious bodies must disrespect themselves in favor of Muslim religious sensibilities. Israel is the proverbial "canary in the coal mine" in this respect.

It is disgusting enough that in the name of "peace", the Israeli government enforceably supports the Waqf in the denial of religious rights to Jews. One can see that today the Waqf barely allows or protects Jews with respect to visiting Jewish Holy Sites under Waqf administration. It is obvious that tomorrow, if statehood is granted to the Arabs of Judea-Samaria (commonly called the "West Bank"), the consequence will be that Jews will be denied access altogether.

Until recently East Jerusalem and Arab East Jerusalem and The Arab Quarter of Jerusalem were synonymous. Now the media speaks of "Illegal Israeli Occupied East Jerusalem" -- as if it were somehow illegal for a Jew to live there. In the mind of much of the media, the Arab Quarter is already the Capital of "Palestine" -- a political State that does not exist, at least not yet! And according to that same mentality, Jews have no right to live in the Arab Quarter, and the Arabs have the right to deny any such right to Jews, as they do most everywhere else under Arab or Muslim hegemony! Double standard? At least! There is no shortage of Arabs freely living in Jerusalem, who do not live in East Jerusalem. If an Arab chooses not to live in East Jerusalem and to live elsewhere in Jerusalem, it is not against the law. Nor is it against the law for a Jew to live in the Arab Quarter!

The historical behavior of the Arabs and the Waqf makes clear that if Jerusalem and/or Judea-Samaria become a world-sanctioned political hegemony, Jews will altogether be excluded and discriminated against. Whatever may come out on paper in terms of rights of Jews in a new "Palestine", the reality will be that Jews will be excluded and discriminated against. Pogroms against Jews are not unique to the history of Europe. The history of anti-Jewish pogroms by Palestinian Arabs is not a recent phenomenon of alleged Israeli "occupation". No paper agreement with any Arab authority will survive the bigotry or the Waqf or the Arabs themselves.

Europe and Russia are already so heavily populated with Muslims that Europe is often referred to as "Eurabea". Will the European nations divide themselves each in half, as they desire Israel to do, so that we will soon see, e.g. England alongside Saudia-England with capital cities London and London-Riyadh, e.g. France alongside Syria-France with capital cities Paris and Paris-Damascus, e.g. Germany alongside Iraq-Germany with capital cities Berlin and Berlin-Baghdad? Will we soon see Russia do the same, e.g. Russia alongside Iran-Russia with capital cities Moscow and Moscow-Tehran? Will we one day say Wahabi-Washinton, D.C. alongside our nation's Capitol?

Besides the simple fact that today's Eurabeans [not a coffee blend (please forgive the humor)] are in the majority not of Arab Palestinian extraction; it should be obvious, even to Europe, that the policies, history, and demographics of Europe today are as much the direct consequence of The Holocaust, as is Israel's existence as we know it today. Europe itself not only rolled over for Hitler; Europe actively aided and abetted the Nazis, as did Poland and parts of Russia such as the Ukraine, as did the Palestinian Arabs, all having bloody histories of hatred of Jews. So, now Europe and Russia, having largely ethnically cleansed themselves of Jews (even though today there are special protections for the few Jews remaining or returning), now face the Eurabea problem.

Europe and Russia, hammer-locked by increasing Muslim population growth, are caught between the extreme pressures to ethnically cleanse themselves of Muslims, and by their own pathetic politically correct rhetoric about democracy and equality even as they commit suicide! Symbolically resisting the suicide by enacting restraining laws against Muslims, one after another European State has already established new Law: restraining Muslim immigration into Holland, prohibiting the wearing of the "hajaf" [head scarf] by Muslim women in public in France, and prohibiting the construction of minarets on mosques in Switzerland.

One cannot help but think that Europe and Russia blame Israel for their ubiquitous Arab populations, as if somehow these Arabs are all "Palestinians" with a right to return to "Palestine" and that once an hypothetical new State of Palestine comes into being, all these "Palestinians" will happily and speedily leave their respective European and Russian host countries to return "home"!

Russia and Europe are mentally unstable to begin with; and, given their history of the past century and their current demographic dilemmas, Europe and Russia should profoundly re-examine their attitudes and policies towards the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

Russia and Europe will not find their increasing Muslim populations to be either democratic or tolerant of democracy. Russia and Europe inevitably must realize that the demands of democracy will require that they draw a line against Islam -- or die. They will have to limit their Muslim populations, just as Israel will, or enact segregation laws to enable peaceful co-existence. (Such an idea may fly in the face of the American mind in particular, as the word "segregation" has a loaded pejorative content with respect anti-Negro racism in America. There may be some similarities of context; but, in the largest context, America's struggle with racism is a different thing than facing the religious warfare of Islam, which is antithetical to democracy.)

As to the guilt of Russia and Europe for The Pogroms and The Holocaust: there is no theological or ethical axiom, nor democratic value, that demands Europe to seek out Muslims as the "Hand of God" in Punishment. Nor is there any similar democratic value or religious value that demands that democracies must allow anti-democracies to flourish in their midst to the point of the death of democratic hosts.

The sooner Israel formally annexes the disputed territories, and the sooner the world recognizes such annexation by Israel -- including Israel's 1967 annexation of Jerusalem -- the sooner Europe and Russia may grant themselves permission to be functional democracies and deal with their own demographic issues with Muslims -- lest they be guilty of causing their own ethnic cleansing at the hands of the Muslims.

No democratic impulse can support the division of the Arab Quarter from Jerusalem, nor Jerusalem from Israel, just as no democratic impulse can support the creation of another bigoted, anti-democratic, anti-Israeli, Arab State. Any such policy held and put forth against Israel, be it a long-standing policy or a new policy, must needs be oxymoronic in the eyes of Lady Liberty.

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