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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


SO TODAY THE UNITED NATIONS IS ABUZZ, that the United Arab Emirates Summit is encouraging resumed "Peace Talks" between Israel and the Palestinian Authority -- at the behest of George Michel, former American Senator (of Arab-American extraction) and international negotiator, famous for the present relative peace in Ireland [that he worked out during the Clinton presidential administration]. So the Arabs have tossed President Barak Hussein Obama either a fig leaf or a Trojan Horse.

A four-month window has been set for these talks to take place and yield results. Meanwhile Hamas and Fatah have still not come together even on terms for a "reasonable and speedy" release of Gilad Shalit. In four months will we see real movement toward peace or more preparation for another hot summer Intifada?

It is said that Purim, which was celebrated this past weekend, is a Jewish holiday pregnant with hidden miracles. Purim celebrates survival in the face of imminent annihilation dating to the captivity of Israel in Persia. In that sense it is related to Pesach, which is only a few weeks away now, when Israel "re-enacts" it's creation as a nation, remembering the many miracles composing the larger miracle of escape from Egypt more than three-thousand odd years ago.

Gilad Shalit's captivity is symbolic of Israel's history of captivity and struggles for freedom.

As of today Gilad Shalit has been held captive for 1347 days! For one man, such captivity for one day is like a year....

May Gilad Shalit's release be granted unilaterally and unconditionally by his captors before Pesach!