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Wednesday, December 8, 2010



The world says nothing about Gilad Shalit, making not even a whisper.

Yet the world weeps that Israel will not surrender Jerusalem, will not buckle to world pressure to retreat to 1967 borders, will not prohibit Jewish life in East Jerusalem, ignoring that Israel does not, will not, and would not prohibit Arab life outside East Jerusalem.

There is a terrible double standard in the world that says, that Israel must give away and give away and give away and give away, and that Arabia may take and take and take and take by violent means of arms and by violent means of politics and by violent means of media saturation.

There is a movement in the UN to recognize a State of Palestine based on 1967 borders, and both Brazil and Argentina (infamous homes for Nazis fled to South America on losing WW2) push this.

The Catholic Church's Council of Bishops and America's General Petraeus have both seen fit to blame Israel as the source of all political instability in the Middle East.

Iran now has it's own mining sources of nuclear raw materials with which to feed the centrifuges in which it produces weapons grade nuclear fuel.

North Korea has attacked South Korea, bringing North Korea and South Korea to the brink of all out military engagement, and causing both an American aircraft carrier group and the nation of Japan to go on the alert in support of South Korea; and of course it may be presumed that Russia and China may be on alert to support North Korea. North Korea may not be found geographically in the Middle East; but, it is the eastern-most nation of the "Axis of Evil" identified by the Bush Administration. It is the Axis of Evil that gave us a nuclear Pakistan, Nine-Eleven, and Mahmoud Ahmadinijad.

May the "drunken" leadership of the world take a sober moment, away from self-absorbed concerns of Wikileak exposure, to realize that the world at large already perceives they are "naked"; and in this sober moment, world leadership should insist on the safe, immediate, unconditional freedom of Gilad Shalit!

Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur have come and gone. Sukkoth has come and gone. In the secular world of the USA, Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone -- all without the presence of Gilad Shalit at his parent's table.

May the Shalit family find solace and light on this Eigth Night of Channukah, and may Gilad Shalit find his own oil to last as miraculously as did the oil in the time of the Macabees, oil that burned for eight days and nights, when it seemed there was only sufficient oil to burn in the Menorah for one night!