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Sunday, September 11, 2011




Waterfall of bejeweled souls,
Aflame in early morning sunlight,
Tumbling towards the center
Of the spinning molten earth;

Where by the Grace of God --
Engineer of All That Is, Was, and Will Be --
You rise in twin beams of light,
Beacons into the black of night,
Reaching outwards to the sparkling stars
From the twin footprints you have left behind you.

And, when in the dark of night,
Travelers seek out America's Harbor --
By air, by sea, by rail, by road, by foot,
Or even by ship of space,
Guided in by your twin beams
Of risen waterfalls of light --
I wonder, if as I do, they will hear
An old favorite tune,
Brought to earth for a brief moment
By a shooting star named Jimmy Hendrix,
A brilliant bard of my wartime youth,
Singing this song of Love and Solace:

"Waterfall -- Nothing may harm me at all;
My worries seem so very small by my Waterfall.

"I can see my rainbow calling me
Through the misty breeze of my Waterfall.

"... Waterfalll! Don't ever change your ways!
Fall with me for a million days! Oh, my Waterfall...."

12 ELUL 5771

Note: Today is Day 1902 for Gilad Shalit in his solitary captivity.