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Monday, April 30, 2012



On Yom Shayni this week a great leader of Israel -- the father of PM Netanyahu -- transcended into the Olam HaBah.  Benzion Netanyahu left us at age 102 to bring to us future blessings directly MinHaShemayim.  Today is Yom Gevurah Sh'b'Netzach 5772.

Sincerest of condolences to the Netanyahu family and to Bibi in particular, who as PM shoulders the safety of Israel, and who must do so now without his living father at his side.  Baruch HaShem, the legacy of Benzion Netanyahu is strong, present, and sustainable into the future.

Two quotes from Barry Goldwater (of blessed memory) come to mind from 1964 a propos of this day:  "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice... moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue..." and, "There are no old, bold pilots."  Extreme, bold love unmoderated is what is called for right now in Israel.

We must remind ourselves that it is only as a widower that Arik Sharon caved before the chicanery of Ehud Olmert leading to the giveaway of Gaza.  The consequences of this surrender led to the infested control of Gaza by Hamas and of Lebanon by Hezbullah; to the displacement of thousands of families Jewish and Arab; to the incessant rain of Qassam rockets into southern Israel from Gaza; to the kidnappings of Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, and Eldad Regev; to the 2006 Israel-Lebanon War; to the so-called "Freedom Flotillas" including the incident of the Mavi Mamara; to the necessary Israeli incursions into Gaza in 2008 and 2009; and to more than one "partridge in a pear tree...."

Now,  Israel is surrounded by massive generational tumult in every Arab nation.  It is called the "Arab Spring" and is a spring that has sprung for more than a year now with questionable historical direction.  May it yet bring the world Good and not Evil.

Also now, without respect even to Shiva Week for his father, PM Netanyahu is being blasted from Israel's Left with vulgar attacks upon his quality, credibility, and capability as PM.

This Blog calls for Israel's beloved PM Netanyahu not to cave before those, who would cease upon this moment, the death of his father, to politic and to undermine the Government of Israel.

This Blog further calls on PM Netanyahu to fully observe the Shiva Week, Shloshim, and first Year of the passing of his father and to not be distracted away from full observance by his detractors and the enemies of Israel.  That observance should include a firm, stealthy, quieter strategy towards Iran.  It should also include a firm and quiet strategy to detain, contain, and restrain Israel's Left from any gains it may seek via the technical process of elections.  Such Observance may be made manifest, if it is motivated, engaged, and brought forth in a spirit of intelligent love, be it Ahavas Yisrael or Ahavas Goyim.  And Ahavas practiced with Gevurah (if and only when appropriate and in appropriate measure) will and shall succeed.

The Nation of Israel should view the passing of Benzion Netanyahu in a proper and holy way:  not as an open window of opportunity for the destruction of PM Netanyahu and of the Government of Israel; but, as a closed casket of national heartbreak requiring a year of subdued national grief and unity.

Israel should also continue to pray for the recovery of Arik Sharon from his coma, even and especially now after all this time since his stroke in 2006.

Shalom v'Ahavas l'Mishpachah Netanyahu!

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