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Tuesday, December 18, 2012



Israel has done much to support Abbu Mazzan (Mahmoud Abbas), Salam Fayyad, Hanan Asrawi, and the Palestinian Authority they lead.  Support has included political support, military support, and financial support.  Yet in less than thirty days the Palestinian Authority has twice spit on the Jewish hands lifting them up.


Israeli Premier Netanyahu should hold an international press conference and respond to Salam Fayyad's call for a boycott of all things Israel.

PM Netanyahu's response should be firm, yet compassionate, and should be designed to transform the invocative and provocative negative of the Arab-proposed boycott of Israel into a positive result.  PM Netanyahu should put forth a joyful, compelling, constructive call for the world to go out of it's way to visit the Holy Land this holiday season.  Customarily, at  this time of year, Jews and Arabs host throngs of tourists on pilgrimage tours to the Holy Land.  There is no better way to transcend the disturbed political airs than to remember that every day on the ground, ordinary Arabs and Israelis are remarkably hospitable and needing of the economic blessings of ordinary tourism and commerce.

Now, the Arab call for a boycott of all things Israel may or may not have been planned by the Arabs prior to and independently of Israel's response to UNGA recognition of an "Observer State of Palestine" [Israel froze $400-million NIS of PA taxes (collateral for money owed by the PA to Israel for utility services already provided) and commenced the  building of houses for Israelis on land the Arabs claim is theirs].

The Israeli actions are justified and overdue and are even relatively mute in the face of Arab behavior;  yet, Israel must be wary of the obsequious nature of Arab provocation, such as this call for a boycott of all things Israel.  Just as the Arabs establish their missile sites in their own olive groves in order to publicly decry olive grove destruction by Israel, when in self-defense Israel attacks these missile sites;  just as the Arabs establish their terror cells among their own civilians in order to decry the harm to civilians at the hand of Israel, when Israel attacks these terror cells in self-defense;  so too the Arabs find all manner of public propaganda ploys to distort reality and focus negative attention on Israel;  this call for a boycott of all things Israel may be such a ploy.

Therefore, while remaining firm where necessary, Israel may yet be warm, openhearted, and positive by inviting the world to come to the Holy Land.  PM Netanyahu may remind the world that the best way for the world to practice peacemaking in the Holy Land is to support the economy of the Holy Land by coming to the Holy Land and by enjoying all that the Holy Land offers in this season of the message of peace.

Much of the hospitality hosted in the Holy Land is hosted by Arabs, not only Jews.  Such an invitation to the world by PM Netanyahu, such an invitation to kindness inclusive of the average Arab struggling to make a living from day to day, may do much to diffuse animosity towards both Israel and PM Netanyahu, be that animosity local or out in the larger world.


For the third time in recent years the UNGA has ramped up the prestige and legitimacy of Arab terrorism.  Twice it has empowered the PA with respect to the UN History and Antiquites Authority;  and now the UN has elevated the PA into the status of a recognized Observer State.

Setting aside Arab theft of the name "Palestine" from our Jewish Nation -- (though it is a name of humiliation, "Palestine" is a second name for the State of Israel, a name of occupation, forced by Ancient Rome upon Ancient Israel) -- by what insanity and by what precedent has the UNGA granted Observer State status to the PA?

There is no unified political authority for all of the Palestinian Arabs (e.g. it is Hamas that has the popular, financial, and authoritative rule in Gaza);  so, on what basis may the UNGA represent, even to it's own body, that the PA is the legitimate authority for any proposed Arab State of Palestine? 

No less important is this precedent:  the only preceding  Observer State at the UN is the theocratic State known as The Holy See (i.e. The Vatican).   Based on such a theocratic precedent, logic implies that the UNGA would more likely grant Observer Status to Hamas, not to the PA, as theocratic leadership is an Hamas hallmark (not that terrorist Hamas is any more worthy of a State than the PA).  Is it the intent of the UNGA to elevate Abbas, Fayyad, and Asrawi to the stature of the Pope?

And then there is the glaring omission at the UNGA -- that Tibet does not have recognition as an Observer State, nor does the Dali Lama have the appropriate international theocratic respect he deserves.

Legally, it should be clear and obvious that, by precedent of The Vatican, Tibet should be granted status as an Observer State.  The Dalai Lama, though in exile, deserves equivalent theocratic status at the UN to that of the Pope (despite the existence of a figurehead placed in that role by Tibet's occuppier, China).  Tibet has suffered forced occupation by China for more than half a century; yet, the Tibetan response to Chinese occupation has honorably and enduringly been non-violent in keeping with the non-violent philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism.

Were the UNGA behaving honestly, it would not give the PA a moment of credibility, and would shift it's focus towards the needs of the People of Tibet.


Israel's response to Fayyad's boycott provocation should be a compassionate, positive, inviting call for the world to support the economy of Holy Land by visiting both Jewish and Arab hosted sites in the Holy Land.

Israel's response to UNGA recognition of the OSP (Observer State of Palestine) should be to represent to the ICJ (International Court of Justice) in Brussels that there is neither basis nor precedent for the UNGA to recognize an OSP  and that the UNGA vote therefore must needs be struck down by the ICJ.