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Wednesday, July 17, 2013



This past week the EU has taken an huge step towards the lynching of the State of Israel.  The EU decision this past week to sanction Israel is consistent with the 2004 decision of the ICJ (International Court of Justice in Brussels) to presume to jurisdiction in the matter of Israeli Borders.  It is necessary to recall that the ICJ ruled against Israel's construction of the Security Fence, interpreting and extending that decision to far broader legal and territorial implications.  It is worth noting that (a) Israel has never conceded to ICJ jurisdiction in this matter, and that (b) it is the existence of the Security Fence that has brought terrorism against Israel [from the Arabs of the "West Bank" and "East Jerusalem"] to a virtual standstill.  The ICJ decision presumed to deny Israel it's rights and it's means to prevent terror.  Israel rightly neither accepted then nor accepts now any presumed ICJ jurisdiction in the matter of borders, nor has Israel ever acceded to the horrendous ICJ decision.

Today (and to be effective in 2014) in tandem with the ICJ decision of 2004 the EU explicitly now defines the Golan, East Jerusalem, and Judea-Samaria (the "West Bank") to be "Occupied Palestinian Territory".  This is (1) despite the record of Arab terrorism against Israel (2) despite the lack of a peace agreement between Israel and the 'Palestinians' (3)  despite the obdurate and official "state of war" that exists against Israel by more than twenty Muslim Arabian countries surrounding Israel (Egypt and Jordan are two singular exceptions) (4) despite the obvious threat to Israel of Iran's terrorist client entities (e.g. Hezbollah and Hamas) (5) despite Iran's relentless push towards nuclear weapons capability, and (6) despite the questionable foundation to presumed legal authority by the ICJ in 2004.

The ICJ is an arm of the UN (United Nations).  The UN is today staunchly anti-Israel (and anti-Western) and is locked in a "love affair" with Arabia, Russia, and China that predetermines incessant anti-Israel UN Resolutions, one after another, which undermine Israel's existential right.  Israel is attacked unendingly in the UN, in the media, in governmental bodies, even in institutions of higher learning; Israel is disrespected in principle and in precedent by resolutions, decrees, rulings, pecuniary supports of terrorists, and by pecuniary offenses against Israel (e.g. boycotts).  There is, too, the never-ending disrespect to Jewish character and the unconditional bigotry against Jews.

Israel must regard both (a) the current EU decree to sanction Israel and (b) the dishonest foundation for that decree of the ICJ decision of 2004 (c) to be not merely tactics to press Israel towards a 'tough' but 'noble' and 'courageous' agreement with the 'Palestinians'.  Israel must regard both the decision of the ICJ and the decree of the EU to be symbolic of a failed European Conscience that would serve up Israel for dinner to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Fatah and call it a "negotiation".  Israel must not allow itself to be a "goose" around which a "noose" is tightened, lest Israel's "goose" be "cooked".