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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What? A new label? How about... "Made In The Historical Homeland Of Israel"!


Currently, produce and manufacture of Israel, including that of the disputed territories, is labeled, "Made In Israel".  Would it make a difference, if all the produce and manufacture of Israel, including that of the disputed territories, were labeled "Made In The Historical Homeland Of Israel?"  Would such a slight labeling transformation (not exactly according to the specifications of the EU) have a transformative effect, positively expressing a rightful Israeli point of view against the evil eye of  Europe, which relentlessly and profoundly insults,  pressures, and aggravates Israel?  The EU presently insists that Israel distinctly relabel those products and produce, such as are produce and products coming from "Occupied Palestinian Territory".  According to the EU this requirement is consistent with and necessary according to "International Law".

Israel did not participate in, does not accept the jurisdiction of, nor accede to the anti-Israel 2004 ICJ Decision against the Israel Security Fence.  This current EU requirement may provide an opportunity for Israel to challenge both the new EU requirement and the 2004 ICJ Decision.  Neither the UNGA nor the ICJ may definitively nor unilaterally establish Israeli borders (there has been no final resolution of the Arab-Israel Conflict nor of the matter of the disputed territories).  Yet, alteration of the label is an intriguing idea....

Whether produced or manufactured in Judea-Samaria, or in the Golan, or along the Mediterranean, or in the Negev, "Made In The Historical Homeland Of Israel" is a phrase that goes to the heart of the matter and teaches that heart to the entire world.  (For that matter Israel could well invite Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan to also label it's produce and manufacture "Made in the Historical Land of Israel," as the Dynasty of King David included these lands -- not that the Arabs would jump at the chance to advertise that historical fact!)

The claim that "International Law" holds Israel to be in violation of "Palestinian" territory is shameful, disgusting, and questionable -- even when setting aside that Israeli identity is properly Palestinian by definition!  Israel should make every effort to find a way -- openly, before all the nations of the world, and in every proper legal and media venue -- to challenge the rulings, opinions, and resolutions of such as the UNGA and the ICJ.  It should be possible for Israel to go directly before the ICJ to challenge the anti-Israel 2004 ICJ Decision regarding the Israel Security Fence;  Israel should challenge that Decision based on two concepts: (1) Jurisdiction, and (2) Success.   Not only did Israel in 2004 not acknowledge ICJ jurisdiction nor participate in those ICJ proceedings; but, the ICJ should now realize, recognize, and rescind it's 2004 Decision, which it should do based on it's own review by which it must conclude that it improperly assumed jurisdiction.  And, the success of the Israel Security Fence in bringing positive security results to the benefit of everyone on both sides of the Fence is proof that the ICJ decision was utterly wrong.

Israel must not surrender it's future to the whims of Hitler's Children, as dictated by the ICJ and as executed by the European Union.  By it's present behavior the EU may be regarded as the "Third Reich Risen".  Was this "Third Reich Risen" the goal of the Marshall Plan?  Is this "Third Reich Risen" how Europe "remembers" and "learns" and "rebuilds" and "reforms" from the ashes of World War II -- of the Shoah?

Israel is the diamond light of the world and must set itself, so as not to shatter under a European/Eurabian Hammer.  All produce and product of the "Historical Land Of Israel" should be so labeled and so be a reminder to all five senses and to all thought and memory throughout the world!   As kosher wine from the vineyards of the "Historical Homeland Of Israel" sparkles diamond-like in every glass, each sip should enliven and liberate every throat to speak a toast, "Yes, I remember!  Israel has a right in it's Historical Homeland!"