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Wednesday, August 6, 2014



It is long overdue, that the world should condemn Hamas for what it is -- a genocidal organization. Hamas is not merely a terrorist organization. Hamas is a genocidal organization publicly devoted to the annihilation of Jews and Israel. Fundamental to the Hamas Charter, this genocidal motivation was reaffirmed by Khaled Meshaal within the past ten days on the Charlie Rose Show.

To call Hamas "militant" or "a resistance force" or even a "terrorist organization" gives a credibility to Hamas that pretends to a gray area --  even a negotiable area -- with respect to it's purpose. If a single Jew is murdered by Hamas, it is an act of genocide; to fail to call it "genocide" is a serious moral, ethical, and legal omission.  Relevant authorities and venues should be called upon to condemn and to prosecute Hamas for genocide.

The idea, that somehow recent events in Israel and Gaza represent a sporting engagement in which the capability of Israel to defend itself is regarded as being "disproportionately" superior to the capabilities of Hamas, belies the reality that, were the shoe on the other foot, Hamas would annihilate Israel altogether. The imperative of Israel is survival and self-defense; the imperative of Hamas is genocide. The only "disproportionality" that is relevant is Hamas's genocidal imperative towards Israel. 

Additionally, the world is long overdue to ask:

(1) Why is it, that twenty of twenty-two Arab States continue to maintain an official status of war with Israel subsequent to the 1948 Israeli War of Independence? (Surely the world sees through the red herring, that "Palestinian" statehood is a necessary precondition!)

(2) Who comprise the apparently inexhaustible supply of men disguised under those Hamas hoods?

(3) Is Gaza a training ground for the military and intelligence operations of the Arab and Persian worlds? 

(4) Is Hamas a means by which the entire Arab world and Iran as engage in the steady continuation of a state of war with Israel?

The world has been lulled into believing an illusion -- that if and only if Hamas is brought to heel, then the heretofore elusive Arab-Israel peace may finally be realized. The reality is that Hamas and Fatah and Hezbollah are just a few of the toes of the "Goliath" that Israel faces every day, until such time as a "David" arises in Israel to smite the "Goliath".

The way for Israel to face the "Goliath" is to first ask, that the world make use of the appropriate existing legal venues to charge Hamas with war crimes and with genocide.  Charges of war crimes and genocide should also be brought by the world against Fatah and Hezbollah and even more pressingly against ISIS and Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram.

If venues do not exist to try such non-State or would-be-State entities as these, then the world must create the venues (and the world should do so speedily, especially as regards the situations in Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Nigeria). In this way the forces of genocide may be sorted out from the socially reasonable demographics in both the Arab world and in the larger Muslim world.  Failure to address such forces of genocide encourages, aids, and abets genocidal agendas.