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Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Why is it that our military is so drone adept for surveillance and killing, yet, it is not (or at least appears not) capable for disaster deployment?

One hopes that such excellent and innovative corporate leaders, such as Jeff Bezos, who are already at work to innovate shipping via drone deployment, may at this very moment be on the telephone with SOD Ashton Carter and with CJCF Martin Dempsey, proposing to join "forces" beyond the odd camera drone in order to deliver actual relief throughout the earthquake region in Nepal, most especially beyond the city of Katmandu, where road access remains blocked.

One hopes as well that any such plan may incorporate the use of military and/or commercial cargo jets for airdrops of supplies to those in Nepal, who are suffering.  Presumably the capability already exists for the launch and recovery of drones from cargo planes.

There must already exist maps of Nepal according to which the locations and populations of need may already be inferred and thus airdrops may be planned and executed immediately. Better to airdrop now based on estimated need, than to wait and see, as people to die.

Is there any reason that the military cannot make use of paratroopers and parachute them into the more isolated earthquake areas of Nepal with tools including communications devices and medical equipment and supplies?