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Wednesday, October 25, 2017


"Israel approves 176 new settler homes in East Jerusalem" (BBC 


The above headline from today's BBC appears innocent enough, although the phrase "settler homes" brings with it the implication that for Jews to live in East Jerusalem in protected communities is somehow wrong.  This bias is just the icing on the cake of the larger bias represented in the sub-headline, "Israeli authorities have approved a major expansion of a Jewish settlement in occupied East Jerusalem."

East Jerusalem is the traditional Arab Quarter of Jerusalem, which Arabs and the EU and the UN (and apparently the BBC) prematurely and wrongly regard as part and parcel of a future "State of Palestine", speaking of that hypothetical, as if such a State were a fact. Such a State is not a fact. The BBC should be sued, as such an BBC news article ought not editorialize (a separate opinion piece is permissible). The omission of the word "Jewish" or "Israeli" from the phrase "in [Jewish/Israeli] occupied East Jerusalem does not avoid the obvious implication in the first part of that same sentence, "Israeli authorities have approved a major expansion of a Jewish settlement...". There is no excusing the BBC (or any news organization of politician or person) for presenting bias and opinion in the form and pretext of news. Loading the word "occupied" should never have occurred, not in this news article and not in any news article, as so loading such articles violates ethical standards of accurate and precise reporting.

News this past 18-months has been dominated by Elections in the UK, France, USA, Germany, China, and many other countries as well as by international warfare in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. If Israel has played an apparently minor role in world reporting during this period, this does not mean that events in Israel have been either insignificant or unimportant. The BDS movement must still be countered; the war in Syria has involved Israel directly, the Sinai situation involving Al-quaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Fatah, and the Muslim Brotherhood versus Egypt and Israel is an ongoing problem, as is the incessant threat of terrorism against Israel; and let us not forget Iran, nor the biases of the UN.

At sometimes more than others the BBC publishes and broadcasts opinion disguised as news reporting, almost as if to see, if Israel is paying the BBC any attention. We most hope that Israel is paying attention to the BBC and other media outlets and that Israel shall use every means at it's disposal to bring biased reporting to justice.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017



This language of a "demographic problem" stinks to high heaven. It is a divisive and pernicious, racist rhetoric that only serves to play up the animosities between Arabs and Jews, most especially between the Muslim Arabs and Jews.

It is not a uniting and socially constructive rhetoric. If anything it calls to mind the "Jewish Problem" that the Nazi's created throughout Europe and sought to solve by annihilating the Jews in what is known in history as "The Holocaust" and which cost the lives of at least six-million Jews and their potential generations of Jewish life, which could not come into existence from their ashes.

Anti-Jewish, anti-Israel propaganda seeks to perversely flip that image and create the appearance that "Jews are Nazis", that "Jews practice apartheid" and similar such bizarre interpretations of Israel's treatment of the Arabs of the "West Bank". The darker, greater reality is that the Arabs of the "West Bank" are in large part the tip of the spear of the single-minded Arab war machine, which has sought to annihilate Israel since it's inception circa WW-1 and creation post WW-2. The darker, greater reality is that Arab nations have used the variety of Jihadi terror organizations (Hamas, El Fatah, Hezbollah, Al Quaeda, ISIS, etc.) as training opportunities for Jihadi Wars; who does one think are under those KKK-like hoods that they wear?

Most of the native "Palestinians" left their homes in 1948 to avoid being butchered by invading Arab armies from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and other Arab nations, which invaded to snuff out the post-Holocaust State of Israel and to occupy "Palestine". Praise Heaven, these invading armies lost their war against Israel in 1948 and lost all the subsequent wars of annihilation they fought against Israel.

Native "Palestinians" have done well or poorly, depending on where their exile took them. Those, who made it to Europe and America have done relatively well and even very well. Those, who were protected by Israel, became Israeli Citizens and comprise 20% of Israel today.

Those, who settled in refugee camps in Arab countries, often suffered and still do, because the Arab nations that caused them to flee did not and do not want to take responsibility for them, except to use them as pawns in their wars. With the notable exceptions of Egypt and Jordan, most Arab and Muslim States do not recognize Israel.

"At present, a total of 31 United Nations member states do not recognise the State of Israel: 18 of the 21 UN members in the Arab League: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen; a further 10 members of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Chad, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Mali, Niger, and Pakistan. Other countries which do not recognise Israel include Bhutan, Cuba, and North Korea.[12] In 2002, the Arab League proposed recognition of Israel by Arab countries as part of the resolution of the Palestine-Israel conflict in the Arab Peace Initiative. 16 of these countries do not accept Israeli passports[13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23] and eight of these also do not accept passports of other countries whose holder has an Israeli visa endorsed in it.[16][20]"

If any apartheid exists, it is a Muslim Apartheid against Jews that exists with it's center in Saudi Arabia and which extends in every direction into Africa, throughout Arabia, into Turkey and Europe and Russia, into Iran and parts of India, into much of Central Asia, into much of China, and into much of Southeast Asia.

And yet, as the above Wikipedia quote demonstrates, the Arab League has the unmitigated absolute gall to insist that it will only make peace with Israel, contingent on the existence of resolution of the "Palestine-Israel Conflict".

Respectfully, there is no "Palestine-Israel Conflict". Jews and Arabs of the geography of Israel are by definition altogether Palestinians in that the British and French resurrected the Ancient Roman Conqueror's designation of "Palestine" (actually, Syria-Palestina) for the geography of Israel. In all history there was never a "State of Palestine" and there still is no such State today. So why then are the non-Jews of the "West Bank" (known by history until recently as Judea-Samaria) called "Palestinians" and the Jews and non-Jewish citizens of Israel "Israelis"? This is a story in itself, and I invite everyone to ask themselves this question and think about it.

More importantly, I ask everyone to put away their racism, be it anti-Israeli or anti-Arab, be it anti-Jewish or anti-Muslim or anti-Christian or anti-Druse or anti-Bahai or anti-Hindu or anti-Atheist or anti-Agnostic... whatever your bigotry, put it aside! Take a look at Israel, at Gaza, and at the "Palestinian Authority" (which governs the Arabs in the "West Bank").... In Gaza there is Hamas -- Hamas apartheid and terror against everyone except Hamas. In the "West Bank" there is El Fatah, apartheid against everyone except El Fatah, and terror. In Israel there is freedom for everyone in a Jewish majority democracy... and unfortunately, there is also terror, either because of Arab terror against Israelis due to Jihadi incitement, or due to Israeli terror against Arabs in response to the terror against Israelis.

There is every reason that those Arabs, who are not Israeli Citizens and who live in the "West Bank" (Judea-Samaria), should be granted a status of "Resident Alien" -- as long as they are willing to live peacefully in Israel, once Judea-Samaria is properly annexed to Israel. Those, who are unwilling to live peacefully in Israel, have every right to receive compensation and assistance in relocating to any country that would have them; or, they have the right to be deported, as Israel cannot and should tolerate those, who would be terrorists.

Similarly, those Arabs, who are already privileged to live in Israel and have Israeli citizenship, who are unwilling to live peacefully in Israel, should be compensated to relocate or be deported. Israeli citizen or not, those, who celebrate the evil holiday "Al-Nakba" ("The Catastrophe", meaning that the very existence of the Jewish State of Israel is a worldly catastrophe) should be regarded as traitors and/or as enemies of the State of Israel and be summarily deported, no questions asked. Everyone else -- Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Druse, Bahai, Hindu, Atheist, Agnostic, etc. -- may then live in Israel in peace.

There is no Israel-Palestine Conflict. There is only an Arab-Israel Conflict, because the Arab League and other Muslim Nations maintain a unified state of war against Israel and use the idea of a "State of Palestine" as pretext for continuation of war against Israel. It is long overdue for the world to set straight the Arab League and all those Nations not recognizing Israel. And it is long overdue for the world to perceive that the "West Bank" is a name jinned-up to create an Arab-style bank of funds for waging war against Israel.

It would be a good thing, should the Arab-Israel Conflict be  subject for discussion between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump, if new light were brought to the political table, which for decades has seen repetition to force the same failed idea of a "Two-State Solution". The very language of the discussion is critical, as there is no "demographic problem", only a need for the Jewish Democratic State of Israel to protect everyone willing to live in peace within it's borders (including Judea-Samaria, and One Jerusalem); and there is a need for the non-Jewish Muslim population of Judea-Samaria to have a special "Resident Alien" status.  This is not an abnormal reality in the world of democracies.

The American Embassy may stay in Tel Aviv; moving the Embassy is not important and may even become a detrimental sideshow. What is important is One Israel, One Jerusalem, and for everyone to live in peace within Israel's  borders, who is willing to live in peace.

May these meditations be taken as prayers and find favor....


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dear President Obama,

You still have one week remaining in the office of the American Presidency during which you may yet set things right with Israel by initiating a single phone call to Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu, stating to PM Netanyahu, that the White House shall forthrightly and publicly announce support for Israel, if Israel shall annex Judea-Samaria and grant a non-voting "Resident Alien" status to the Arabs of Judea-Samaria (the West Bank), accomplishing a One-State Solution, which would enable Israel to remain a democratic Jewish State without suffering the demographic hit to the democratic process that full citizenship for hundreds-of-thousands of alien Arabs would mean.

The White House shall recognize Jerusalem as the united and undivided capitol city of Israel (only of Israel, but, the US Embassy may remain in Tel Aviv); shall  support a program of relocation to existing Arab States (of such Palestinian Arabs as may be unwilling to reside in and respect the Jewish State of Israel); and shall support such necessary legal processes (e.g. deportation of terrorists, when and where necessary), as shall realize a peaceful State of Israel.

Secretary of State John Kerry's "Hail Mary Pass" to the Russians resulted in a successful chemical weapons deal with Assad of Syria; a President Barak Obama initiative to Israel could "Slam Dunk" a One-State Solution by following the simple formula stated above in this Entreaty.

Mr. President: shall you be the one to choose and underwrite  such an initiative, as would honor the entire world with a model and legacy of peace in Israel, that may be replicated throughout the Middle East and perhaps elsewhere, too, in this war-torn, war-weary world? 


DESPITE the apparent reasonableness of the point of view expressed by SOS Kerry about American Policy regarding Israel, the fact is that he, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes, and President Obama have either failed to understand the meaning of Israeli independence and Jewish Settlements in Judea-Samaria in the face of monolithic Arab terrorism, or, they have chosen to undermine the State of Israel. At best, the decision by the Obama Administration -- to abstain from the UNSC vote, thereby enabling passage at the UNSC of the anti-Israel Resolution regarding "settlements" -- is a warning shot to Israel, that Israel cannot rely on the USA as a protector.

SOS Kerry's apparent reasonableness or "plausibility" ought not be taken as expressions of fact nor of correct interpretations of fact; his words should be perceived as a tactic of rhetoric, used in a campaign of propaganda to undermine an opponent, and for the Obama Administration the "opponent" is Israel.

The saccharin sweetness of Obama, Kerry, et al, provides Israel no real calories, no nutrition. The Obama Administration even takes credit for the current American next-ten-year military support budget for Israel, credit taken that may best be understood intellectually as politically pragmatic avoidance of the embarrassment that would come to the Obama Administration, had it sought to veto budgetary legislation by Congress in support of Israel. One need only look at the very fresh and recent vote [in opposition to the UNSC anti-Israel Resolution] across Party lines in Congress to perceive the extremity of the Obama Administration's perspective regarding Israel.  As well, the Obama Administration trumpets it's alleged support of Israel in order to create an  appearance of fairness and even over-fairness of it's Administration's support for Israel. 

THE SHAMEFUL ABSTENTION of the Obama Administration with respect to the UNSC vote against Israel speaks volumes about the Obama Administration and will be the blackest mark on the historical record of the Obama Administration.

ISRAELI POLICY has for decades quite publicly made clear, that for every act of terror committed against Israel, the consequence will be expansion of Jewish life. There is a continual fiction, that there is an entity of People, who may be known as the "Palestinian People", who have a distinct right to a State (even though there has never been such a People nor such a State in history); this fiction seeks to separate out the "Palestinian People" and to compartmentalize this fictional entity from the existing 400-million population of Arab States surrounding Israel -- States which remain in an official state of war with Israel, States which still deny any peace with Israel since 1948, States which still do not recognize any existential right of the State of Israel. There may have been a moment in time, proximal to the cold peace made between Israel and both Egypt and Jordan subsequent to the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when a window of opportunity may have been imagined to exist for the "Palestinians" to agree to make peace with Israel and thus realize a "State of Palestine" on the "West Bank" (Judea-Samaria). This idea has proved to be a Western illusion, an illusion still maintained everywhere but in Israel, where the daily struggle for life and death does not allow for such an illusion.

IT IS LONG PAST DUE for the West to properly frame the Arab-Israeli Conflict as a conflict inclusive of the "Palestinians" (Palestinian Arabs). It is long past due for the West to properly understand the "Palestinians" -- in rhetoric and on the ground -- as the tip of the spear of Arab aggression against Jews and Israel, an aggression maintained for more than a hundred-years with one goal in mind: the annihilation of Israel.

AND A QUESTION MUST BE ASKED: Should Egypt be held accountable for it's authorship of the recent anti-Israel UNSC Resolution? Or, should the Obama Administration be held responsible for failing to veto that UNSC Resolution? On the face of it, all those States voting unanimously in favor of the anti-Israel UNSC Resolution should be held accountable; yet, in the world of realpolitik, every one of those nations -- including Egypt -- faces the extortion and terrorism of Jihadism on their own soil every day far in excess of anything the USA faces; so,it is not unreasonable to think that every one of those nations -- especially Egypt -- never in wildest dreams expected that the USA would fail to veto.

NOW, there is all kind of conspiracy theorizing going on about who may have orchestrated the UNSC vote. In fact IAN BREMMER suggested such a probability on the Charlie Rose Show only a month or two ago, when he said that the Obama Administration could vote against Israel in the UNSC (and, the abstention that actually occurred is tantamount to a vote against Israel). Sadly, Ian Bremmer was spot on.

YET, the fallout from the UNSC vote could conceivably have a positive effect, if other nations take their own rhetoric and public positions more gravely and more responsibly, such that they change the pattern of their behavior of relying on the USA to be the sole pillar of world security at the UNSC. 

ISRAEL may have no choice but to regard itself as being entirely on it's own. 

SOS Kerry did frame the question of Israel's future in terms of "democracy" (as the West understands democracy) versus some other form of non-democratic government; SOS Kerry takes it for granted that "democracy" means that a One-State Solution must needs grant equal citizenship to the "Palestinians" (this is the "demographic problem"). SOS Kerry does not acknowledge that there may be a Jewish Democratic State of Israel, which may create a Resident Alien, semi-autonomous, non-Israeli-Citizen status for the "Palestinians". This would be the most obvious democratic and peaceful path to a One-State Solution.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


If the USA moves it's Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, which would likely provoke attacks by Arab terrorists in Jerusalem upon the relocated American Embassy (such terror could include an Embassy takeover and occupation, such as occurred in Tehran by Muslim Shiite terrorists during the Carter Administration), then the USA would be obligated to respond directly in Israel on the ground in American self-defense due to Israeli security failure.  A move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem, and the likely consequence of terror waged on the US Embassy, is a cocktail that makes for an erruption of violence in Israel that Israel has not seen since the Yom Kippur War (and would likely be far worse, as the wars in Iraq, Syria, and throughout Arabia exemplify).

As much as I loathe the Obama decision to abstain from voting at the UNSC, thus allowing passage of the recent UNSC anti-Israel Resolution, I am far more concerned about the "unintended consequences" that may likely result due to an idealistic American Embassy relocation to Jerusalem.

I entreat President-Elect Trump to officially recognize, that Jerusalem is Israel's capitol city, that Jerusalem is a singular, united city, and that an undivided City of Jerusalem may only be capitol city to Israel and to no other nation or political entity.

And, I entreat President-Elect Trump that, when he is President,  he  should maintain the American Embassy in Tel-Aviv; he should not relocate the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

It has often been said that, "The road to hell is paved by good intentions."  President-Elect Trump! We should avoid that road to hell....!!!!  If even now as President-Elect you were to say and tweet that you have reconsidered the implications of Embassy relocation to Jerusalem and have decided against such a move, then you shall have offered a fig-leaf and an olive-branch, and you shall have removed an obvious provocation to violence.

Keep in mind that three Messianic Traditions meet in Israel -- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  Extremists of these three Traditions presume to know and speak for God and His Messiah, and are ready to bring about Armageddon in our time.  These extremists of the three great Western Traditions have given up on This World in favor of the Next World.  They would make a giant crater of the Holy Middle East and, then they would fight over ownership of that Holy Crater.

If it is Holy Craters that such extremists aspire to, then why not gather them together and send them on a one-way trip to the Moon?  Perhaps then the rest of us could live in peace!



"CNN cited  unnamed Israeli officials as speculating that the move could be announced as early as May 24, on the Israeli holiday "Jerusalem Day" that marks the reunification of the capital in the 1967 Six Day War."

"“The president asked the American president-elect to not take this step [moving the embassy], as it will have destructive consequences on the peace process, the two state solution and the safety and security of the region,” official PA news site Wafa reported on Monday, paraphrasing Abbas’s letter. Wafa did not specify exactly when the letter was sent to Trump."