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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dear President Obama,

You still have one week remaining in the office of the American Presidency during which you may yet set things right with Israel by initiating a single phone call to Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu, stating to PM Netanyahu, that the White House shall forthrightly and publicly announce support for Israel, if Israel shall annex Judea-Samaria and grant a non-voting "Resident Alien" status to the Arabs of Judea-Samaria (the West Bank), accomplishing a One-State Solution, which would enable Israel to remain a democratic Jewish State without suffering the demographic hit to the democratic process that full citizenship for hundreds-of-thousands of alien Arabs would mean.

The White House shall recognize Jerusalem as the united and undivided capitol city of Israel (only of Israel, but, the US Embassy may remain in Tel Aviv); shall  support a program of relocation to existing Arab States (of such Palestinian Arabs as may be unwilling to reside in and respect the Jewish State of Israel); and shall support such necessary legal processes (e.g. deportation of terrorists, when and where necessary), as shall realize a peaceful State of Israel.

Secretary of State John Kerry's "Hail Mary Pass" to the Russians resulted in a successful chemical weapons deal with Assad of Syria; a President Barak Obama initiative to Israel could "Slam Dunk" a One-State Solution by following the simple formula stated above in this Entreaty.

Mr. President: shall you be the one to choose and underwrite  such an initiative, as would honor the entire world with a model and legacy of peace in Israel, that may be replicated throughout the Middle East and perhaps elsewhere, too, in this war-torn, war-weary world? 

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