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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


If the USA moves it's Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, which would likely provoke attacks by Arab terrorists in Jerusalem upon the relocated American Embassy (such terror could include an Embassy takeover and occupation, such as occurred in Tehran by Muslim Shiite terrorists during the Carter Administration), then the USA would be obligated to respond directly in Israel on the ground in American self-defense due to Israeli security failure.  A move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem, and the likely consequence of terror waged on the US Embassy, is a cocktail that makes for an erruption of violence in Israel that Israel has not seen since the Yom Kippur War (and would likely be far worse, as the wars in Iraq, Syria, and throughout Arabia exemplify).

As much as I loathe the Obama decision to abstain from voting at the UNSC, thus allowing passage of the recent UNSC anti-Israel Resolution, I am far more concerned about the "unintended consequences" that may likely result due to an idealistic American Embassy relocation to Jerusalem.

I entreat President-Elect Trump to officially recognize, that Jerusalem is Israel's capitol city, that Jerusalem is a singular, united city, and that an undivided City of Jerusalem may only be capitol city to Israel and to no other nation or political entity.

And, I entreat President-Elect Trump that, when he is President,  he  should maintain the American Embassy in Tel-Aviv; he should not relocate the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

It has often been said that, "The road to hell is paved by good intentions."  President-Elect Trump! We should avoid that road to hell....!!!!  If even now as President-Elect you were to say and tweet that you have reconsidered the implications of Embassy relocation to Jerusalem and have decided against such a move, then you shall have offered a fig-leaf and an olive-branch, and you shall have removed an obvious provocation to violence.

Keep in mind that three Messianic Traditions meet in Israel -- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  Extremists of these three Traditions presume to know and speak for God and His Messiah, and are ready to bring about Armageddon in our time.  These extremists of the three great Western Traditions have given up on This World in favor of the Next World.  They would make a giant crater of the Holy Middle East and, then they would fight over ownership of that Holy Crater.

If it is Holy Craters that such extremists aspire to, then why not gather them together and send them on a one-way trip to the Moon?  Perhaps then the rest of us could live in peace!



"CNN cited  unnamed Israeli officials as speculating that the move could be announced as early as May 24, on the Israeli holiday "Jerusalem Day" that marks the reunification of the capital in the 1967 Six Day War."

"“The president asked the American president-elect to not take this step [moving the embassy], as it will have destructive consequences on the peace process, the two state solution and the safety and security of the region,” official PA news site Wafa reported on Monday, paraphrasing Abbas’s letter. Wafa did not specify exactly when the letter was sent to Trump."